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I am slowly living an unspoken, strange and unorthodox life now, and I am predicting in the future, but with the happiness and fulfillment I’ve gained just in these past few months, it is worth every minute of it and am even more ecstatic of what is to come.

Don’t run to the arms of safety.

Live more than just a little.

Meet the person in the mirror you stare at every morning and get to know them. It will become one of your strongest, and toughest relationships throughout your years.

Be willing to be heartbroken, but don’t anticipate it.

Let your heart live without haste and you would have traveled a new world by the end of your adventure.

And even then, your adventure will never end, unless you allow it.

Don’t ever.

- Thoughts while counting in my 14th hour in the office today.

"Her silence roared with such mystery, a siren’s song to my foreign heart."

Sitting with the senior creatives and chatting about our past with anime and video games on this Thursday morning.

I don’t think I’ve nerded out about Final Fantasy in a couple of years…

Sorry not sorry y’all.

I love this place.

1 week ago

Pappy Van Winkle 23.

Eat (drink) your heart out.

Pappy Van Winkle 23.

Eat (drink) your heart out.

Things I’ve found out tonight.

I’m never comfortable being praised.

It’s the strangest, most foreign feeling and concept for me to ever recieve.

It leaves me uneasy, odd, and thrown off.

Wine is a beautiful thing.

Drunk, and yet not full.


2 weeks ago

Today I acknowledge that I owe so much to this city and to all the people I’ve surrounded me since I’ve moved here.

Today I came back from lunch only to hear that my comps for a new client were chosen. For it to be my first ever packaging client and my work being presented amongst comps by the senior designers…I am beyond happy.

This week I’ve also made the decision to take a week long hiking and camping trip in order to hike my first 14er on my 21st birthday. I can drink any other time of my life, but I’m not going to pass up remote camping and hiking in the San Juans.

I’m awestruck with this state.
It’s making it harder for me to cope with the reality that in three weeks I’ll have to pack up and leave back to Texas.

2 weeks ago


I’m so damn nervous for tomorrow.


I’m so damn nervous for tomorrow.

Because of timing and more factors that are out of our control, we aren’t mean to be a certain way. But I would love to hear your collection of stories and words of wisdom throughout my life.